In Memory of Dane Hall

I wanted to dedicate this blog to a very special person that touched the lives of many including my own, Dane Hall. I met Dane at VH1 Classic back in 2005 when he gave me the opportunity to come on board as Lynn Hoffman’s Wardrobe Stylist. The man was a true genius at work, but most significantly  he possessed an angelic soul that always illuminated any place  he was at.

Dane passed away a few months ago and yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Memorial at his NJ home that was hosted by his loving Ed along with his wonderful friends. I want to commend ED, Russell and David  for putting together such a glorious Celebration of Life for Dane and for bringing together all of us who truly loved him, including his amazing family, friends and colleagues.

Although Dane was not physically there, we all felt his presence and once again he emitted his exhilarating energy throughout the air.

It was a beautiful day just like Dane would have wanted it to be! Thank you guys for making it possible to come together and pay tribute to this Extraordinary Man!

Dane Hall

My dedication letter to Dane on his Memorial:

My Dearest Dane:

Your spirit continuously lives in all our hearts! The memories you created are unforgettable and your innate love and laughter will live on forever! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live some of the most beautiful moments of my life. You were a true inspiration with limitless talents. You gifted me, and so many others, in so many different ways with all your virtues. I Thank You Dane, from the bottom of my heart, for being blessed to have lived and known you. You were always in my thoughts, even beyond the VH1 days, but I miss you now more than ever. May your force live on in complete happiness and stand upon us, guide us, inspire us and continuously fill our hearts with joy, as you always did.

You will always be a part of Me!

I love you-

Maria Dionisiou

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